Terms of Agreement for Contract

         $25.00 per hour

1.      Example: 8 x 10 portrait ~ 12 hours = $225.00

2.      Example: 10 x13 portrait ~ 25 hours = $625.00

         25% down at time of contract required for graphics and non-personal illustrations

         50% down at time of contract for all personal illustrations

         Payment for final product due before delivery

         Matting and Framing can be arranged out of studio at purchasers expense thru Bear Ink if desired

         Shipping and Handling not included, due before delivery

         Method of Payment: Money Orders, Cashiers Checks, Personal Checks (w/10 day clearance unless cleared through PayPal), Credit Cards through PayPal

         Copyright is owned by Bear Ink unless specifically purchased

1.      $250.00 on personal illustrations

2.      $1,000.00 on non-personal illustrations

3.      Graphic Designs are per agreement

4.      Bear Ink can handle copyright filing for the purchaser for a fee of $50.00 (copyright filing is required if copyright is purchased)

5.      Copyright cannot be applied for without permission/prior knowledge/approval of the production artist

6.      If purchaser applies for a copyright, Bear Ink must have a copy of copyright on file to be affective


Signature of Purchaser: ________________________________________


Signature of Artist: ____________________________________________


Commission Plan 1 for Personal Illustrations & Copyright:

8 x 10 portrait

12 hours


Copyright purchase



Copyright filing


$ 50.00




Commission Plan 2 for Personal Illustrations & Copyright:

10 x 13 portrait

25 hours


Copyright purchase



Copyright filing


$ 50.00